Monday, November 12, 2012

Boardwalk Empire, Season 3, Episode 9, ‘The Milkmaid’s Lot’

Steve Buscemi did an amazing job with portraying a wide array of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms in last night’s episode. Is it coincidental that Nucky battled with PTSD on Veteran’s Day? Was this a tribute to today’s understanding of what our soldiers inherit from war? The writers could have chosen many ways for Nucky to grieve Billie’s death. I believe this is just another social history lesson Boardwalk Empire is trying to tie into the series.

Fortunately, for the more brutish of Boardwalk fans there was no mention of women’s health or any other such “drama”. Is it just me or are there a large amount of fans that are just into the show for the violence and action? I personally find the look into the social issues of the time to be informative and intriguing to watch.

With that in mind, watching Margaret walk through a lobby full of gangsters on her way out from escorting Nucky to his “business” meeting was the most dramatic of all of the scenes last night. A woman who is acting as Nucky’s backbone finally confronts the world which she is helping Nucky keep alive – the world that is keeping her and her children in nice clothes and fancy housing. Hopefully, she doesn't lose the man she cares so deeply for now that a war is being waged.

Looking back to the history books, neither Nucky Johnson or Joe Masseria die in 1923 due to a turf war which makes me wonder if Nucky is going to go through with his plan to stop Masseria and Gyp without the backing of Rothstein and the other mob bosses. Masseria tells Gyp to think before he leaps into war. We’ll see if Nucky is capable of making this wise choice in his shell-shocked state.

The good news from this episode: Harrow gets a kiss!

Body Count: Can you believe it?!? No one died in last night’s episode. There is one for the history books. Unfortunately, I think Sleater is the next one to go. If there is anything I know as a crime writer, once a mobster’s wife decides to runaway with another man, that other man somehow ends up disappearing. The question is: will he die for Nucky or by Nucky’s hands. 

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