Monday, November 26, 2012

BOARDWALK EMPIRE: Season 3, Episode 11

It looks like the Boardwalk Empire fans who have been screaming for more Capone, Luciano, Chalky and Harrow are finally going to get their wish! I cannot wait to see how this turf war is going to play out! I have a feeling Gyp Rossetti’s days are numbered – seven to be exact.

I didn’t think the writers had any more room to ramp up the climax to this saga, but it looks like they were able to make the climax point the size of a pin head last night. Margaret and the kids have safely escaped, whether that is from Nucky or Gyp Rossetti’s henchmen is not known yet. It looks like we will have to wait a year to find out how Owen perished and what the next move is for the Thompson relationship.

Nucky and Eddie are taking refuge on the north of the tracks, and Nucky finally knows who is truly willing to back him. Eddie took a bullet for the man, and Chalky is risking his life and the lives of his community members for the man who has denied him everything this season. Why are Eddie and Chalky backing Nucky? I guess it is the only way Chalky knows he will gain any leverage in Atlantic City. Gyp surely isn’t going to give Chalky the turf and respect he deserves. We still don’t know why Eddie puts up with Nucky’s abuse. Hopefully Nucky’s eyes stay open to who helps him out of this jam.

Speaking of men who have finally had enough abuse from their captors, I cannot wait to see Harrow finally give Gillian what is coming to her. I want him to take Tommy away from that nightmare and to live a happy and healthy life with Julia. I really have a feeling that Harrow is going to not only save Tommy but also Nucky and the rest of the Atlantic City gang.

Body Count Prediction: I think Gyp’s time is up next week, and I think Harrow is going to be the one to send him to his maker.

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