Sunday, December 2, 2012

BOARDWALKE EMPIRE: Season 3, Episode 12

The season finale started with guns a blazing, and unfortunately not everyone survived the war. Sorry Gyp lovers. He was just too insane to live, but I have faith in the Boardwalk Empire writers to create a new outlandish character in Season Four. 
This season wrapped up with lots of people finally getting what they deserve. Unfortunately, Gillian made the cut. I wish Gyp was a dominant instead of a submissive. I guess we will have to deal with the psychotic woman for another season. Thank goodness Harrow took Tommy to safety.
Nucky is starting a new world of problems for himself though. He has sent the FEDS to the hooch warehouse -- incriminating Arnold Rothstein and Joe Masseria.  
Season Three is over, and I have to say, I find myself mildly disappointed. The episodes seem consistently predictable with a few oddities being exposed. We saw Gillian killing the Jimmy look-alike from a mile away. We predicted Owen Sleater’s death, and Gyp definitely had it coming by deductive reasoning. Am I getting used to the writers’ style or is the series taking a true nose dive?
Several Boardwalk Empire fans have expressed disappointment with the amount of time the show spent on women's health issues. I love to see the historical aspects of the Prohibition era! Of course the turf wars and the booze runs are thrilling, but there is a lot to learn from this period. The government is intervening on social issues. Women's health, substance use --why are these issues being regulated by the United States government?
Now it’s time to spend the next few months studying the history of Nucky Johnson, Arnold Rothstein, Lucky Luciano, Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, and Joe Masseria.
Stay tuned to the blog to see if we can figure out next season’s plot.



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