Monday, October 15, 2012

Boardwalk Empire Season 3, Episdoe 5

Okay, Gyp. Now, I really have to know what your childhood was like. Was it really necessary for the Boardwalk Empire writers to show such sexual perverseness? There is something to be said about shock value, but I hardly doubt knowing about Gyp’s sexual peculiarities is going to in anyway enhance this season’s plot line.  But just like every HBO show these days, it has toe the twisted line.  

With all of that being said, I do notice that the oddities of each of the Boardwalk Empire characters have been psychologically explained by their childhoods. Nucky was the poor, second-fiddle son.  We all know the stories of Gillian and Jimmy, and let’s not forget Margaret, the Irish girl who was willing to steal to find her prosperous new life in America. There is one thing that ties all of these characters together—the need for control.

It is getting tough these days to say who has the upper hand. Rothstein is at the mercy of Nucky for booze shipments. Nucky is at the mercy of the Gyp, the official Tabor Heights crossing guard, and it looks like Gyp has a bounty on his head for all of the trouble he’s been causing on Nucky and Rothstein’s turf. It’s only a matter of time until one of them loses the game and Buscemi is in the opening credits and anyone with access to Wikipedia knows how Rothstein goes down.

Van Alden/Mueller (when will it be all right to make the permanent name change) is also ready to take control of his life. With two FBI agents as his body count he is definitely going to need to seek the shelter of the dark side. Is O’Banion the right place to go? At least Mueller knows he has a wife on his side.

Mickey Doyle was spared this episode and so was Gyp. “Four fatalities and none of them Gyp.”

Prediction for next week’s body count: Let’s make it Billie for the fun of it.

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