Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Season Three, Episode Six

Watching Downton Abbey last night I was reminded of wisdom given in writing workshop I attended namely, that without conflict there is no story. Which may be one of the reasons we’re riveted each and every week.

For example: conflicts between physicians leading to Sybil’s death…between Mathew and Robert about running the estate…….between compassion and bias regarding an ex-prostitute trying to change her life…..between guilt and forgiveness of Sybil’s parents…between the generations as Robert Crowley and Mr. Carson cling stubbornly to changing times……between religions……between names for the baby.

There has to be good news, too. Mr. Bates’ final release from prison. A new baby girl. The promise of Daisy’s release from service into a new and promising future.

Have you ever seen such gorgeous mourning clothes? And those magnificent hats! 

When did ladies stop wearing hats? 

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