Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Just like Mama's, eh?" Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 2

"Just like Mama's, eh?" --Gyp Rosetti
It’s nice to see that the Italian hothead, Gyp, gained a bit of a sense a humor this past week. I guess Nucky gave him a lesson during the New Year’s Eve party that you don’t make friends by leaving a trail of dead bodies. And what Gyp needs right now are friends…and alcohol, and boy, is he trying. The man settled for spaghetti and coffee! What an awful combination! But Nucky has a way with putting wannabe big shots back in line with the rest of the grunts. Unfortunately for Nucky, Gyp isn’t as half-cocked as he appeared to be last episode. He may actually swindle Nucky and Rothstein out of some illegal libations.
Another big shot who was personally escorted by Nucky Thompson to rock bottom has returned. Sallow and as thin as a rail, Eli is released from his two-year staycation in the slammer to become low man on the bootlegging totem pole. If prison didn’t show Eli how much Nucky was going to make him pay, maybe making the most annoying character on the show, Mickey Doyle, his boss will do the trick. Although, it’s not looking like Eli will stay at the bottom for long. He’s already turning into Owen’s right-hand man. This alliance makes you wonder if Owen will stay as loyal to Nucky this season.
Plus, Billie Kent’s extra ‘interests’ are becoming an issue for Nucky. At first I felt compassion for Mr. Thompson, but now I see him for the hypocritical misogynist that he is. He collects women to fulfill his needs, and expects complete devotion.
Is Season 3 it for Nucky? So many characters are set to betray him, but how is that different from any other season?
One question, what happened with, Regina, the dog Gyp gave to Margaret? I’m still waiting for the cops to put two and two together and pin the murder on Nuck.

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